Self-Guided Leadership Agility

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Lead With Agility in 2024!

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Self-Guided Leadership Agility

Development Journey

In this high-content, high-engagement program, you will grow your leadership agility capability and start the new year with the ability to effectively respond to the unexpected and unplanned and quickly turn challenges into opportunities.

  • Learn how to lead with an agile mindset.
  • Grow your leadership agility, competence, capacity, and confidence at your own pace, on your own time.
  • Take the new Agility Shift Inventory™ for Leaders and receive personalized recommendations based on your leadership agility strengths and areas of opportunity.
  • Discover new ways to engage and inspire team agility.

By registering you will enjoy a full year of access to your leadership agility development journey with content and resources designed to complement the best practices described in Pamela Meyer’s game-changing book, The Agility Shift.

In the Self-Guided Leadership Agility Development Journey, you will be guided through a series of three engaging learning sprints comprised of short learning segments that you can complete at your own pace and at your own time:

Learning Sprint One: Understanding Leadership Agility

Learning Sprint Two: Improving Your Leadership Agility Capability Value and Impact

Learning Sprint Three: Take it to Your Team

Each learning sprint includes:

  • Downloadable interactive worksheets
  • Suggested activities to do on your own or with your team
  • Short videos of Pamela Meyer serving as your guide on the side and introducing key leadership agility concepts and best practices
  • More ideas to take to your team

Get started developing your leadership agility capability today!