Agile Shift Inventory

Pamela Meyer's New Book The Agility ShiftWe Have Added Mindset to the Agility Shift Inventory—Take it Today!

The Agility Shift Inventory (ASI) offers individual leaders, teams and entire organizations an opportunity to become more aware of the state of agility in their current context. This awareness is the first step in beginning a generative conversation and receiving guidance about where your energy and resources will be most effectively spent to improve business performance.

The ASI provides a snapshot of your current mindset for agility, as well as the six key dynamics of the agility shift that Pamela Meyer, Ph.D. identified based on her own and others research on the key components of agility at all levels of organizations. These dynamics and the research on which they are based are described in Meyer’s book, The Agility Shift: Creating Agile and Effective Leaders, Teams and Organizations. The Agility Shift in addition to the individual, team or organizational inventory serves as a catalyst and guide to improving performance. After taking the ASI you will receive a report summarizing your results along with The Agility Shift Generative Conversation Guide that will help you understand your results and improve your performance.

Individual ASI (Currently Complimentary)

This inventory is designed to provide individual leaders with a clear picture of how they are enacting each of the dynamics of agility in their current role. More than a competency assessment, the ASI is an opportunity for individuals to focus their reflection and development efforts in the areas that will have the greatest impact on future performance. Coaching services are available for those who want additional support interpreting their results and translating them into action. TAKE YOUR COMPLIMENTARY ASI NOW.

Team ASI (Fee-based)

Similar to the individual ASI, the team inventory helps specific teams, workgroups or departments understand how they are currently enacting each of the agility dynamics. Individual team member results are aggregated and analyzed to provide a picture of the current development opportunities and action steps for the team as a whole. We then share these results and insights with you through an interactive consulting session that can be delivered onsite or online at your convenience.

Organizational ASI (Fee-based)

The Organizational ASI provides a full organizational view of the agility dynamics as they are currently being enacted, along with additional assessment of the structures, systems, processes, and practices that enable the entire organization to be agile. We will consult with you to use your report to determine how to best use your available resources to improve organizational agility and maximize results.


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