Leadership Agility Coaching

“An agile leader is anyone who spots a challenge or opportunity and effectively responds.”

– Pamela Meyer, The Agility Shift

Our certified coaches will support leaders at all levels of your organization who need to thrive in your dynamic, high-stakes environment. Through our customized program, your leaders and team members receive personalized coaching based on our review of their Agility Shift Inventory™ for Leaders results. In collaboration with each leader, we generate agreed-upon development objectives, success indicators, and action plans to improve leadership and team performance.

Together we develop strategies to strengthen agile leadership, as well as collaboration,  communication, and coordination among and between team members. Coaching packages include three 50-minute sessions, with additional sessions available for continued development. Coaching may be engaged on an individual leader/team member basis or for an entire team at a negotiated rate.

We help your leaders improve their:

  • Self-awareness and understanding of leadership agility strengths and growth opportunities
  • Leadership agility capability: competence, capacity, and confidence
  • Ability to quickly assess and adapt to new roles and responsibilities
  • Communication, collaboration, and coordination within their teams
  • Overall responsiveness, decision-speed and clarity
  • Capability to identify and remove obstacles to team success