Additional Agility and Innovation Resources for Leaders, Facilitators and Participants

Please download and share Pamela Meyer’s articles and other resources below to help you create more agile, innovative, and effective leaders, teams, and organizations.

The Agility Shift Inventory

The Agility Shift Book

The Agility Shift Inventory (ASI) offers individual leaders, teams and entire organizations an opportunity to become more aware of the state of agility in their current context. This awareness is the first step in beginning a generative conversation and receiving guidance about where your energy and resources will be most effectively spent to improve business performance. Learn more and take the Agility Shift Inventory today!

From Workplace to Playspace Facilitator's Guide

Facilitator’s Guide

From Workplace to Playspace Facilitator’s Guide

Download the chapter-by-chapter Playspace Learning and Facilitation Guide to help your team, organization, clients (and yourself!) create more space for the play of new ideas.





Slowing Down to Go Fast CXO Article (CXO Magazine: PDF)

Deploying Agile as an Innovative Risk Management Framework in Pharma (Co-authored with James Hlavenka, Esq. for Food Drug Law Institute)

Agile Meets Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: How the Three Pillars of Scrum Can Help Us Be and Do Better (ScrumAlliance)

Making Playspace for Learning (CLO Magazine:PDF)

Creating the Agile Organization (CLO Magazine: PDF)

From Workplace to Playspace: Linking Employee Engagement to Patient Safety and Satisfaction (HR Pulse: PDF)

Improvising Learning Space: Making Room for Difference and Transformation (Conference Paper: PDF)

Learning Space and Space for Learning: Adults' Intersubjective Experience of Improvisation (Conference Paper: PDF)

Yes, and . . . and: Beyond the Improvisation Metaphor (Just in Time) (Conference Paper: PDF)

Organizational Improvisation and Appreciative Inquiry (Conference Paper: PDF)

Improvisation Power (Executive Excellence: PDF)

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