Is Your Team Responsive or Reactive?

Through a wide range of consulting services, Meyer Agile Innovation, led by Pamela Meyer, Ph.D., will help you improve your organization’s results.

We specialize in the areas of:

  • Organizational, team and leadership agility
  • Fostering and sustaining innovation
  • Building capacity for positive change
  • Maximizing learning agility
  • Improving employee engagement
  • Creating a culture of collaboration
  • Strength-based strategic planning and strategic engagement

I want to create a more agile workplace

Consulting Services

Team Agility Shift Inventory and Results Consult

Assess your Agility Competence, Capacity, and Confidence. The first step in building a more agile and innovative team is increasing awareness of your current level of agility competence, capacity, and confidence. To help guide your team, we now offer a team version of the Agility Shift Inventory. Once all of your members have completed the inventory, our associates aggregate and analyze your results. We then walk you through your customized report (on-site or via a live webinar) to help you understand the results and how to turn them into action.

Agility Workshops

Many teams and workgroups need a jumpstart to tap into their hidden agility strengths and capacities. Pamela Meyer facilitates workshops around the globe with teams that need fresh perspectives and energizing strategies to help achieve results. Click here for more information.

Custom Talent Development Solutions 

In addition to designing and delivering workshops and seminars to achieve your business goals, Pamela Meyer regularly works with learning leaders in major corporations to develop fully integrated approaches to improve and sustain agility competence, capacity, and confidence across the enterprise. These solutions can include micro-learning, peer-led, video, mobile, and informal, as well as formal, facilitator-led strategies. Click here for more information.

Invite Pamela Meyer to Help Your Team Make The Agility Shift

Strategic Planning

Pamela Meyer leads SOAR session at MightybytesWe offer a new alternative to traditional SWOT analysis approach to strategic planning that also engages the best of your organization to co-create a positive future while building the capacity and enthusiasm to make it a reality.

Off-sites and Management Retreats

In the midst of day-to-day pressures, your team, workgroup, or department likely does not have time or space to step back and reflect on its successes and lessons learned, let alone to re-energize and relax together. We regularly design and facilitate off-site sessions that provide just the right mix of reflection, provocative new ideas and energizing experiences. This is a perfect opportunity for your group to deepen relationships and re-engage with your vision and mission.