Business Agility Workshops

With an impressive track record of results, Meyer Agile Innovation will help you improve your organization’s business agility.

Many leaders, teams, and workgroups need a jumpstart to tap into their hidden agility strengths and capacities. Pamela Meyer facilitates workshops around the globe and virtually with leaders and teams that need fresh perspectives and energizing strategies to help achieve results.

We specialize in the areas of:

  • Organizational, team, and leadership agility
  • Fostering and sustaining innovation
  • Building capacity for positive change
  • Maximizing learning agility
  • Improving employee engagement and retention
  • Creating cultures in which agile methodologies can thrive
  • Strength-based strategic planning and strategic engagement

Is Your Team Responsive or Reactive?

Jumpstart Your Leadership and Team Agility with one of our Popular Agility ShiftTM Workshops and Training

All Workshops Delivered Virtually or In-Person

Agile teams can learn, adapt, and innovate in the midst of change all while using available resources. Pamela Meyer has traveled the globe facilitating workshops that jumpstart agility. Her research and methods have energized many teams by encouraging them to engage, explore, reflect, and ultimately to tap their hidden strengths and capacities.

Agility helps organizations respond effectively to the unexpected and unplanned, as well as to quickly turn challenges into opportunities. Imagine, even in times of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity), if your leaders had the competence, capacity, and confidence to adapt and innovate!Agile Mindset

  • Quickly assess and adapt to changing stakeholder needs
  • Respond effectively to the unexpected
  • Minimize risk and maximize value
  • Turn challenges into opportunities
  • Improve employee engagement and retention
  • Build agile teams as models of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging
  • Create a culture of collaboration and innovation

With so many benefits, it is easy to understand how these lively workshops give participants fresh perspectives, new skills, and strategies to deliver results.

Develop Your Leadership Agility

The Six Dynamics of The Agility ShiftAn agile leader is anyone who spots a challenge or opportunity and effectively responds. Now more than ever, organizations need agile leaders at all levels of the business who can lead effectively in the midst of rapid change and uncertainty. In this highly experiential program, your current and emerging leaders will learn key concepts and best practices to model and inspire others to make the Agility Shift.

NEW Self-Guided Leadership Agility Journey

Created in response to overwhelming demand, individual leaders can now start their Leadership Agility Development Journey anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace.

  • Grow your leadership agility competence, capacity, and
    confidence at your own pace, on your own time.
  • Enjoy high-engagement, high-content micro-learning segments with lessons you can immediately apply.
  • Take the new Agility Shift Inventory™ for Leaders and receive personalized recommendations based on your leadership agility strengths and areas of opportunity.
  • Discover new ideas to take to your team to inspire team agility.
  • Scalable for your entire enterprise. Contact us to learn more.

Register today to enjoy unlimited access for a full year to content designed to help you build your agility capability and implement the concepts and best practices in Pamela Meyer’s game-changing book, The Agility Shift.

Team Agility Workshops

An agile team is one that can quickly assess and adapt to the changing needs of its stakeholders to maximize value and minimize risk. Whether your team uses a specific agile process, or simply needs to improve its ability to communicate, collaborate and coordinate its talent and resources for agility, innovation and results, our Team Agility Development workshops will help your members make the mindset and practical shift necessary to improve results.

Agility Champion Training

Developing Agility is a Continuous Endeavor

To become and stay agile, leaders, teams, and entire organizational systems need ongoing support, fresh ideas, and inspiration. With effective training and coaching, the best and most consistent support can be harnessed within your organization from your own Agility Champions.

Agile Development

This innovative program prepares your designated internal leaders (at any level) to serve as agility shift catalysts, facilitators, resource people, and yes, champions of your agile initiatives.

Whether you are in the midst of an agile transformation, or your leaders, teams, or organizations more broadly understand the need to be more agile and innovative to compete in a changing world, your strategy needs to include internal champions who can provide ongoing support and inspiration. Learn more about Agility Champion Training.


Off-Site Retreats

Take a Day or Two to Step Back, Regroup, Recharge and Reflect

Off-Site Retreats

In the midst of day-to-day pressures your team, workgroup, or department likely does not have time or space to step back. Yet research shows reflection on successes and lessons learned is essential to sustaining your success.

Off-site workshops become an ideal way to build on your strengths, develop new skills, and energize your team. Each off-site workshop is custom-designed to help your team develop the Three Cs of Agility (Competence, Capacity, and Confidence) while provoking new ideas and approaches for an all-around energizing experience.

Our thoughtfully designed off-site workshops also enable your group to deepen their professional relationships and re-engage with your organization’s vision, mission, and values. 

Your participants will also:

  • Gain fresh perspectives away from distractions
  • Develop learning and leadership agility with site-specific experiences
  • Generate new ideas and approaches in a lively setting
  • Re-engage with an organization’s mission, vision, and values
  • Strengthen interpersonal ties necessary for success
  • Re-energize, recharge, and regroup while having fun!

Custom Talent Development Solutions 

In addition to our business agility consulting services, and designing and delivering workshops and seminars to achieve your business goals, Pamela Meyer regularly works with learning leaders in major corporations, such as our award-winning program for T-Mobile, to develop fully integrated approaches to improve and sustain agility competence, capacity, and confidence across the enterprise. These solutions can include micro-learning, peer-led, video, mobile, and informal, as well as formal, facilitator-led strategies. Click here for more information.

Strategic Planning

Pamela Meyer leads SOAR session at Mightybytes


We offer a new alternative to the traditional SWOT analysis approach to strategic planning that also engages the best of your organization to co-create a positive future while building the capacity and enthusiasm to make it a reality.




Success Stories

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