Success Stories:

Agility Shift in Action

The best testament to the impact of our work at Meyer Agile Innovation and the power of the Agility Shift concepts and best practices are the success stories themselves. While all client work is confidential, below are success stories from several agile leaders themselves (from client organizations, as well as an innovative MBA program at UW-SP) who were eager to share their success stories. Stay tuned for more in the coming months!

Agile Success in Highly Regulated Industries

Highly regulated business sectors, such as healthcare, pharma, and finance, struggle to quickly and effectively adapt to the changing needs of their stakeholders and customers under their perceived constraints. We partner with innovators in each of these sectors to develop leaders and teams who can be agile in these dynamic environments while also improving the organizational culture and bottom line. Pamela Meyer and James Hlavenka, esq. Head of Strategy and Operations at UCB Pharma Company co-authored this recent article for the Food and Drug Law Institute to share their success doing just this at UCB.


T-Mobile Innovates and Inspires Its Leaders Across the Country

Branded as the “un-carrier,” T-Mobile is an industry disrupter. As a fast-paced, high-growth company, it needed a talent development strategy that equipped its leaders to deliver results and value for the customer and company in a competitive and volatile marketplace. Check out these first-hand accounts of the award-winning innovative Agility Shift program we partnered in creating and implementing across the company with impressive results:


The Agility Shift: Best People Practices to Create a More Agile and Competitive Organization (Free Webinar via HRCI)

In this HRCI article T-Mobile learning leaders, Melissa Davis, Director of Organizational Development and Learning & Development, and Melissa Lanier, Director of Leadership Development and Talent Management describe the context, process, and results of their collaboration. The three recently collaborated on an innovative award-winning management training based on Meyer’s book, The Agility Shift: Creating Agile Leaders, Teams and Organizations. Meyer shares the latest agility research and best practices, while Davis and Lanier share their experiences prioritizing business agility across the organization and implementing talent development practices that directly impact business results. Click here for a short summary and for the link to the webinar.

The Agility Shift: T-Mobile Develops Leaders for a VUCA World (CLO Magazine Webinar Slideshare)

T-Mobile Agility Shift ProgramView the Slideshare or watch the full webinar featuring T-Mobile learning leader, Melissa Lanier Preston, describing the assessment process and impact of the award-winning Agility Shift program. A volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) workplace requires a distinct set of leadership competencies: non-hierarchical influence, the ability to rapidly align across functions, creativity for drawing insights across domains, and most of all, “empathy,” the linchpin leadership skill in the modern workplace. Empathy allows us to imagine the world from different perspectives, unite across functions, generations, regions. Melissa Lanier describes how “The Agility Shift,” leader development was designed to equip people managers to thrive in an uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment. The program, which utilized cutting-edge virtual simulation technology, is designed to help leaders respond quickly and increase resilience by immersively preparing them for stressful encounters. Impact is measured on an individual, function, and business level. Collectively, managers report learning how to “avoid tunnel vision,” “think on their feet,” “respond rather than react” and embrace a positive mindset. READ MORE in this HRCI webinar recap to learn “What’s The Agility Shift All About?

An Agile Mindset Shift Translates into Improved Business Results in Biotech and Beyond

This article from CXO magazine (Slowing Down to Go Fast) highlights organizations that understand that to improve agility across the enterprise urgently, they need to support their leaders at all levels in making a mindset shift. While this shift is neither instant nor effortless, organizations must make, model, and coach for it to ensure the success of agile initiatives. Discover the lessons learned and results of three companies successfully leading the agility shift.

MBA Program Fosters Agility Through Community—Business Collaboration

University of Wisconsin Stevens Pointe

An innovative MBA program at the University of Wisconsin-StevensPoint, led by Professor Lyna Matesi, is impacting the entire area business ecosystem. As she engaged with and began applying the core Agility Shift concepts and best practices, graduate student Leah Knight partnered with local non-profit CREATE Portage County. Read how she not only positively impacted the reach of CREATE but spurred innovation and resource-sharing in the wider business community.