Custom Agility Training & Development

Customized agile talent development solutions to make your agility shift happen. 

Take a winning approach to training and development with a customized agile development solution from innovation catalyst Pamela Meyer, Ph.D. Pamela has teamed up with organizations in the U.S. and around the world that want to improve agility across their enterprises and need talent development strategies to reach their goals.

By accelerating learning and development, these customized agile development solutions lay the foundation for your organizational agility. Meyer’s cutting-edge learning activities, accompanied by proven agility principles, allow participants to build their agility competence, capacity, and confidence.

Customized agile development solutions

As a result, each program is designed to provide actionable learning, which translates into business results.

We begin by working with your talent development and/or human resource department to identify areas where improved agility will have the greatest return. Then we strategically create high-impact, scalable solutions to be delivered throughout the organization.

We then train your internal talent development team (or share ours) and empower them to deliver content formulated for outcomes that matter to your organization.

Our proven agility and innovation content can help your organization:

  • Make the leadership mindset shift necessary for consistent agile performance
  • Improve response time
  • Shorten production and service development cycles
  • Make optimal use of available resources
  • Improve customer satisfaction and expand market share
  • Adopt business practices to sustain success in the midst of change and uncertainty

Customized agile development solutions can be also be licensed to meet the needs of your organization. From fully customized designs and micro-learning strategies to a standardized workshop kit, we can help you achieve your agility goals. Contact us to explore customization and licensing options to meet your business needs and performance objectives.


“We were looking for something that really resonated with the T-Mobile culture. . . . T-Mobile is an incredibly relationship-driven culture, and there is a strong thread in The Agility Shift about building your relational web and using your network of those people and resources. And that is truly how work gets done here.”

—Melissa Lanier Preston,
Director of Leadership Development and Talent Management,

Hear more about how T-Mobile and other global organizations are making The Agility Shift in this recent HRCI webinar.