Are You Ready to be More Agile?

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Take the Agility Shift Inventory, an agile assessment questionnaire to understand your agility mindset and six dynamics needed to make the Agility Shift. Take the agility assessment today.


The Agility Shift is the radical mindset and behavioral shift that leaders, teams, and organizations must make to innovate and thrive in complex, ever-changing contexts.


How Can You Make the Agility Shift?

Mindset and six dynamics determine whether you are ready to make the Agility Shift.

To consistently achieve agile performance, leaders, teams, and organizations must cultivate an agile mindset, as well as each of the six dynamics of the Agility Shift. Below is a brief introduction to each of the dynamics. To fully understand each dynamic and how to bring it to life in your organization, check out The Agility Shift: Creating Agile Leaders, Teams and Organizations.

An Agile Mindset

People who lead with an agile mindset see change and disruption as an opportunity for growth and innovation, rather than a threat. They balance the need for planning with the capacity to quickly learn and adapt when things don’t go as planned.

The Six Dynamics of the Agility Shift

Relational Web

Relational Web: The network of skills, knowledge, talent, and resources that you need to be able to tap at a moment’s notice when things don’t go as planned or a new opportunity emerges.

Relevant: The ability to understand current trends, customer and workforce needs, and adapt to stay relevant to and competitive in the market.

Responsive: The ability to respond in a timely and effective way to unexpected and unplanned challenges and opportunities.

Resilient: The ability to quickly regroup when things don’t go as planned.

Resourceful: The ability to make optimal and innovative use of available resources.

Reflective: The ability to learn the lessons from experience and thoughtfully apply those lessons to new and emerging situations.

Understanding Your Agility

The Agility Shift Inventory gives you a personalized Agility Shift map and suggestions for strengthening your mindset and each dynamic. 


Discover The Agility ShiftPamela Meyer's New Book The Agility Shift

The Agility Shift, by Pamela Meyer shows business leaders how to make the radical mindset and strategy shift necessary to create an agile, entrepreneurial organization that can innovate and thrive in complex, ever-changing contexts.

Not only will you learn how organizations are thriving in the midst of uncertainty and change through inspiring examples,  you will also discover ideas you can use right away to start making your own agility shift.

About Pamela Meyer

Pamela Meyer, PhD is a leading Agile Innovation expert who works with leaders, teams, and organizations that need to be more agile and innovative to compete in a rapidly changing world.


Individual ASI (Currently Complimentary)

This inventory is designed to provide individual leaders and contributors with a clear picture of how they are enacting each of the dynamics of agility in their current role. More than a competency assessment, the ASI is an opportunity for individuals to focus their reflection and development efforts in the areas that will have the greatest impact on future performance. Coaching services are available for those who want additional support interpreting their results and translating them into action.

Team ASI (Fee-based)

Similar to the individual ASI, the team Agility Shift Inventory helps specific teams, workgroups or departments understand how they are currently enacting each of the agility dynamics. Individual team member results are aggregated and analyzed to provide a picture of the current development opportunities and action steps for the team as a whole. We then share these results and insights with you through a consulting session or high engagement Team Development Day.

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