Your book and curriculum have laid the foundation to help us navigate, as a leadership team, the uncertainties around our markets. We are living it every single day.

DON’T MISS IT! Meyer’s energizing Staying in the Game program inspired our team to reflect and build on our strengths and lead and learn with agility in a constantly changing landscape.

Pamela Meyer’s innovative ideas and our collaboration with her over the last few years have helped Mightybytes better align our team and identify new growth opportunities.

Pamela facilitated what turned out to be my favorite — and I’d say the best — leadership retreat of my 30+ year non-profit career.

She brought wit and wisdom, and fun and focus, to a very diverse group of executives. We aligned around mission. We identified opportunities for growth and advancement. We dove deep on a few game changers. And we left energized to do more for our clients, and to do it better.

Thank you for being our closing keynote speaker! Your insights really spoke to our conference theme of engage, inspire and innovate. You really hit it out of the ballpark and for that we are truly grateful!

Thank you for your stellar presentation . . . It was indeed a grand finale session! You were a great success, and participants were sent on their way with renewed enthusiasm.

Pamela Meyer has forever changed the way I approach collaboration. How could I have known that in the process of engaging Pamela to help develop a department of 30+ staff members so that they could be more agile, innovative and collaborative, that years later I would continue to use the lessons not only in my professional life, but as a mother of 3, as well. Whether the work-place or play-ground, Pamela’s wisdom works!

Each time Pamela Meyer speaks at Chicago SHRM she rocks the house!  Her dynamic approach to innovation, agility, and organizational effectiveness really hits a chord with our members as these are challenges that many Human Resources professionals are trying to solve within their own organizations.  We can’t wait to have her back to share her latest ideas and approaches and bring her new book!

Pamela Meyer was the perfect opening speaker for our client conference. She inspired our participants to be more agile and innovative, and energized them to take fresh ideas back to their organizations.